September 17-19, 2014Ferrara Exhibition Centre


The opening session will take place at the Sala degli Stemmi, an historical room situated within the Castle of Ferrara, residence of the Este Dukes, in the centre of the city. Between the vaulted roof and the walls there is a painted section of more than 4 metres in height, that bore the papal coats of arms and, beneath them, the coats of arms of the cardinal legates who had been sent by the popes to exercise both civic and political duties for the good of the Holy Church. This is why the room is also known as the "Coats of Arms room". The painted section or cornice was carried out in the early 1600's and bore anonymous shields in alternating silver and gold colours. One by one, as one cardinal succeeded another and one pope succeeded another, his coat of arms was added to this "diary" of Church domination that lasted from 1598 to 1859.
The technical visit to the MOSE System is offered as part of the parallel International Symposium on Sediment Management (please, click here for further information).

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Sala Stemmi - Ferrara

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